Nowadays, Robert F. Bernstock is very busy. The reason for that may be his high level of business experience. That experience has caused him to receive endorsements for high level of skill in many business disciplines. Since January 2014, Bob Bernstock has served USCI Company as their Chairman and CEO and he has served Medical Services Associates, LLC as their President and CEO. All of that as he has been fulfilling a five-year contract as a consultant for a leading marketer of branded lawn & garden and pet products nationwide, Central Garden and Pet Company.

Prior to that, between 2008-2010, Bob Bernstock was the United States Postal Service’s President of the Mailing and Shipping Services Division. At the time, they received more than $70 billion in sales revenue. His track record in several industries has shown Robert F. Bernstock to have developed a good understanding of corporate strategies and best practices. As an executive officer and/or a director with many companies, including some in the Fortune 1000, it’s no surprise that many public and private companies choose him to sit on their boards of directors.