Robert F. Bernstock has a lot of experience in various aspects of business, but he firmly believes that it is extremely important for any business to always embrace change, since change is always a factor and dealing with it well can make that business far more efficient and profitable. Bob’s has agreat reputation as a keen business mind based on the fact that he has had a lot of experience with corporate strategies and best practices. His experience is such that many companies in both the public and private sectors have chosen him to serve on their boards of directors.

With a long business career that has featured a number of leadership roles in many companies since 1992, Robert F. Bernstock is highlyregarded for his skills in many key business areas. He has received endorsements in the areas of leadership and strategic planning, which are key areas of business. He is also appreciated for his negotiation, team building and organizational development skills. He is most highly regarded by many for his abilities in the areas of innovationand change management. That last one is important, since Robert F. Bernstock believes that it is critical to always embrace change because the best way to make any business more efficient, effective and profitable if by dealing with everything that comes along.

Over time, Robert Bernstock’s strong reputation has led to his selection for a number of public and private company boards. And he keeps himself extremely busy with his career. He has served as Chairman and CEO of USCI Company since 2014 and President and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC since 2015, while also acting as a consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, a nationalmarketer of pet and lawn and garden products.